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Welcome to my website! You might be wondering who Richard Clapton is. Well, that is me! I have been a blogger for almost 15 years and creating this website has been one of my successes in life. I am so thankful and grateful for my followers, the people behind my success, for their continued support on me, and on the things that I write.  


The thing is, all of I write are all free! Yes, that is right. Unlike the other professional bloggers and content writer, I make my own articles after thorough research about certain topics and I publish them here – for all of you to read for free! I have made partnerships with other professional writers, experts in different fields, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and some of the professional local services that offer trusted and best quality services and products just like the Professional Pet Groomer KY. I do not sell things or offer other services than my writing, but I have read some of the suggestions coming from my readers that they need reviews on some products and services that will help them in their everyday tasks. So, here it, guys! I also feature tips, DIYs, and other things. 


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If you have questions, feel free to send them to me through my e-mail below. Thank you!