Ways to Achieve a Body Like a Pro TKD Fighter

Originally, taekwondo (TKD) began as a Korean Martial Art. However, it eventually emerged to incorporate Japanese and Chinese martial arts elements. Professional fighters of TKD have a great muscle definition and are usually fit. Doing taekwondo is a great mental and physical practice. Professional TKD fighters have to follow an extreme conditioning program and strength to improve their physical fitness. This enables them to maintain the needed endurance to be involved in competition and combat drills and apply taekwondo routines. Incorporate conditioning and strength to your exercise routine can make you achieve the body of a pro TKD fighter. Here are the following steps to follow: 

Step 1 

Involve in particular cardio exercises at least 3-5 days every week. You should do at least 30 min for every session you perform. Professional mixed martial arts and taekwondo fighters in Washington do quick bursts of cardio exercises or sessions that last 30-40 minutes. You don’t have to overdo your cardiovascular training since a lot of combinations and drills have cardiovascular components. Brisk walking, bicycling, and jogging are some of the excellent choices to include. 

Step 2 

For strength training, you should do this at least 3 days every week as an alternative to your cardiovascular training. This kind of training is important since it develops muscle, which gives extra power. Improve balance in your strength regimen by dividing the time between working your lower and upper body. Choose different exercises in 3 sets of 12. Some of the great picks include lunges and squats since they engage many muscle groups simultaneously. 

Step 3 

Apply a particular workout routine for your core. Your core comprises the muscles on your spine’s either sides as well as your lower and upper abdominal muscles. A mixture of crunches and basic sit-ups and the likes, which work on your oblique, can aid to develop a thorough and complete exercise routine. 

Step 4 

You need to make sure to stretch before and after your training or workout session. In taekwondo, stretching must increase the range of motion and loosen muscles. Pro TKD fighters can usually kick at apparently impossible heights and speeds. This is not made possible by magic. Hence, it’s because of their range of motion and unbelievable flexibility. So, it’s highly recommended to slowly stretch every part of your body after your cardio or warm-up. 

Step 5 

You should eat a balanced meal that has a minimal number of fat. Once you take in 2,000 calories every day, you can take in at least 44-78 grams of overall fat daily. Lowering your fat intake to less than 44 grams every day and sticking to the lower end can stop your body from gathering unhealthy fat yet it still suffices the fat intake that your dietary requires. 

Step 6 

Consume more protein to the maximum limit without hitting beyond your caloric intake. This technique helps you to be full and it also gives your body a great source of energy while working out or doing taekwondo practices. 

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